Long Dog Leashes for Training & Exercise

Long dog training leashes are great for recall training, exercise, camping, swimming and more. If you want to give your dog more room to run around the park or explore the forest, we have long leash options for you.

Enjoy the quality of our made in the USA long dog leashes, which all are made with nylon webbing. As opposed to cotton leashes, nylon has a long lifespan. Cotton leashes deteriorate quickly and can leave you with a broken leash and a dog on the run. Our nylon leashes aren't just stronger than cotton alternatives, they also come with the Boss Promise 5-Year Warranty.

See our size comparison chart and long leash video for the distances between 20, 30, and 50 feet leashes. 

Free Range 1 Inch: High strength heavy duty long leash with firm handle.
Free Range 3/4 Inch: Medium duty lead, great "all-around" long leash with rubber handle.
Long Trainer 1 Inch & 3/4 Inch: Strong nylon training leads with coiling strap for easy storage - fan and trainer favorite.

Note: These are not retractable leashes.

Our PackUp Pouch is a great accessory to consider along with your Leashboss long leash. Great for stashing you gear while you explore with your pup.