Free Range 3/4" - 30 Foot Dog Leash - Nylon Training Lead for Large Dogs

The Free Range 3/4 inch is a long dog leash which is great for recall training, hiking, camping, swimming, outdoor play, or letting your dog use the bathroom without a fence.


About this product

The Free Range 3/4 inch nylon, extra-long training dog leash with handle is built strong. Nylon leashes have a long lifespan, cotton leashes get frail and break faster than you would think. Free Range 3/4 is built with heavy duty materials that can withstand daily use over an extended period of time. It can be used with medium and large size dogs.

You will love how this firm handle protects your hand when your dog is running full force and yanks you hard. Each leash has a rubber molded handle that bends slightly. Once you try a Leashboss dog leash, you won't want to use anything else.


Assembled in USA with 3/4" nylon webbing and rubber molded handle.


This product is similar to the 1" Free Range, but lighter, it is better suited for medium size dogs.
Note: This is not a retractable leash.

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