About Us

Our Philosophy

It is our mission to bring you innovative products – made for dog owners, and designed by dog owners. We’re obsessed with designing goods that will make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your pooch. We’re inspired daily by functional, modern designs, and the dogs we know.

As dog owners ourselves, we understand the unique situations dog owners face. We just get it! And, our solutions are designed to delight. We stand by all of our products – they were designed as the things we want and need. We all love our dogs and want the very best for them. Here at Leashboss, we create products with both you and your dog in mind.

With our reputation for quality, Leashboss products are often imitated but never duplicated. We work hard to design new and unique canine lifestyle products unlike anything else on the market. Nothing makes us happier than hearing a customer say, “This was exactly what I needed.”  

Our History

From humble beginnings to becoming a leading provider of innovative dog products, the Leashboss journey has been an adventure. For Leashboss’ founder Paul, designing unique solutions for dog owners has always been a passion project.

2013 - Embarking the Journey

The journey began in 2013 when Paul and his wife Erin began developing the concept that would eventually become the Leashboss Original. As pet parents to Wyatt, they faced some unique challenges. Weighing in at over 100 pounds, Wyatt had what could be described as a zest for life.  A strong and energetic rescue Lab Mix, Wyatt loved to follow his nose, and pulled hard on his leash to get wherever he was going. After moving to sunny California, Paul and Erin wanted to enjoy long daily walks and the California lifestyle. Unfortunately, they were hurting their hands trying to maintain control with a traditional leash.  

Unimpressed with other options on the market, they knew there had to be a better way – and Leashboss was born. The objective was to solve the problems associated with strong, pulling dogs. The first design was sketched on the back of an envelope. Wanting to make it a reality, Paul went to the store for supplies, and built the first Leashboss prototype out of hardware and rope.

2014 - Onwards and Upwards

Others began remarking on the new leash and asked where they could get their own. Paul and Erin decided to sell their leashes online. They submitted a patent for their design and set up a small e-commerce website. A two-person Dream Team, Paul and Erin were manufacturing, selling, and shipping leashes out of their garage, all while raising their young son.

2015 - California Dreaming

Quickly building a reputation for quality, Leashboss expanded operations. As sales increased, Leashboss began working with a local California manufacturer to produce high-quality nylon leash designs. Several Leashboss leashes are still manufactured in the same Southern California facility today.

With more time to devote to innovation, product lines began to expand. Because of leash laws in San Diego, Paul noticed there weren’t many options for dog owners who wanted to give their pooches room to roam. Wanting a longer leash for his dog to run and play, Paul got back to work. Long leashes available on the market were made of cotton and prone to breaking. Leashboss launched a better solution - our 50-foot leash made of strong nylon webbing that would stand up to pulling and chewing. Brand trust and awareness increased, and new designs kept rolling off the shelf – short leashes, and other sized leashes weren’t far behind. 


2017 - The Car Restraint

Leashboss continued innovating by developing the world’s first no-chew car restraint. Paul’s dog Remy was a terrible back seat driver.  Nervous about riding in cars, he was determined to climb into passengers’ laps, and would gladly chew through his seatbelt to get there. Paul designed a new product unlike anything else on the market at the time – a coated-steel cable car restraint that would stand up to strong dogs, and strong chewers.  The Leashboss Heavy Duty No-Chew Car Restraint remains one of Leashboss’s top sellers today.

2018 - Home Sweet Headquarters

As their son got older, Paul and Erin decided to conquer a different type of challenge – the return to winter weather that came with a move back to Michigan. Sunny Southern California is still home to some of Leashboss manufacturing, but operational headquarters are now located in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan.

2019 and Beyond

All of our products are dreamed up and designed in Michigan by Paul, Erin and the Leashboss Crew. We're hard at work creating new innovative products that we can't wait to share with you. We invite you to be the first to hear about new products and sales by signing up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

We continue to make every attempt to manufacture in the USA, however it's not always feasible as we expand our product catalog. For every product on our website, we note in the description where the product is made so that you have that information when deciding what to purchase. We make it easy to find our products that are assembled in the USA by listing them in their own collection.

We're always on the lookout for Leashboss gear in the wild and love meeting the pups that use our products. One of Paul's proudest moments occurred in 2019 when visiting his manufacturers in California. He met two dogs in Leashboss gear in the neighborhood where he was staying. 

As a small company that literally started in the garage, we are so grateful for all of the people that have supported us over the years. We hope to continue earning your trust as we work to expand our product catalog.

If you ever have any questions about a product, suggestions for new products or just want to say hello, please feel free to email us at help@leashboss.com.