5 Things Dogs Can Sense in Humans

March 09, 2016

5 Things Dogs Can Sense in Humans

As dog owners, we know the incredible bond that forms between a dog and a human.


Their loyalty, love, and forgiveness is eternal and they are always happy to see you. They wait patiently (usually) until you get home, whether you were gone for five seconds or five days, they always treat you with enthusiasm that humans almost never have when seeing another human. It should come as no shock that dogs can sense certain traits and moods in humans, that humans sometimes can't sense themselves.


1.Your Mood

Dogs can sense what mood you are in before you act on your emotions. When humans have been stressed, dogs have been observed to also become stressed and angry. When their human is sad, dogs become clingy, wanting to be as close to you as possible and comfort you.


2. When You Are Sick

Research has shown that some dogs incredible sense of smell might be able to sniff out when you are sick. Countless owners agree that when sick, dogs tend to sit by their side offering comfort to their owners.


3. Cancer

We've all seen the stories floating around the internet about a dog that kept pestering its owner about a certain spot on their body, only for their owner to find out it was cancer. Turns out that certain breeds, mostly hunting dogs, have the ability to smell cancer cells and alert owners of the problem. Not every dog has this ability, but trained dogs have been able to accurately sniff out cancer in 95% of patients.


4. Low Blood Sugar

Diabetes Assist Dogs are trained to monitor smells in the air for a specific scent on the human breath that is related to rapidly dropping or low blood sugar levels. Like dogs that can smell cancer, these dogs have a more sensitive nose than some dog breeds and undergo scent training at a young age to identify low blood sugar smells. Some dogs can even sense an epileptic seizure before it happens. 


5. Your Intentions

Dogs have an almost psychic sense of knowing your intentions before you show them. They always know when a trip is happening and wait nervously for you to let them come. They know when a bath or nail clipping is in their future, as when you go to retrieve them for grooming they have suddenly disappeared. Science can offer no other explanation than dogs are truly man's best friends, as they know you better than you know yourself.


Dogs can be amazing with their ability to sniff out cancer cells and practically read our minds. They can communicate a great language and never open their mouths. Their unwavering love and life saving nose are just a small fraction of what makes dogs so great!


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