What Not to Feed Your Dog

February 07, 2016

What Not to Feed Your Dog

A while back we wrote a post on Superfoods to feed your dog when it occurred to us that we should probably write a post on what not to feed your dog. Our dogs are called the "clean-up crew" and are always scavenging for dropped scraps, and while this is completely okay for dogs to do, you must be aware of what scraps might fall for them to eat. Something as simple as a grape can cause kidney failure in dogs. So having the knowledge before hand of what foods are safe for dogs is essential.


Mentioned above, grapes and raisins can cause dogs kidney to fail. The cause of this is still unknown, but even small amounts can make your dog ill.

Credit:stacyspensley, flicker

2. Avacado

This is one super food you'll want to keep to yourself as they can can induce vomiting in dogs. Avocado's contain persin, which is toxic to dogs in larger amounts, but even small amounts can make your dog ill and have diarrhea.

3. Peaches and Plums

While humans understand not to eat the pits of these fruits, dogs do not. The pits can cause blockage and require surgery to remove. They also contain cyanide, which is poisonous to animals and people.

4. Nuts

Many nuts are toxic and upsetting to dogs, specifically macadamia and walnuts. They can lead to muscle and nervous system damage. It's best to avoid all nuts around dogs.

5. Onions and Chives and Garlic

Contain thiosulphate. Dogs can develop hemolytic animea, which is when their red blood cells burst. Best to avoid at all costs.


Other food not to feed your dog: fatty/salty/sugary foods, alcohol, dairy, mushrooms, small bones, caffeine, chocolate, and xylitol (gum, candy)


Make sure these foods don't find their way on the floor for the clean-up crew to sniff out! If your dog ingests any of these foods call your vet immediately.