Traffic Handler 12 Inch - Heavy Duty Short Dog Leash for Large Dogs

The Leashboss 12 Inch Traffic Handler is a short dog leash perfect for the beginning phases of leash training or times when you need to keep your dog at heel.

About this product

This leash was made for powerful dogs. The comfortable, foam covered handle doesn't flex or bend. The heavy duty 1 inch nylon webbing and clip will hold up over time.

This leash is not recommended for harnesses that clip at the chest. If you're training your dog, the Leashboss Traffic Handler is a great tool. Walk your dog in the most optimal spot, right by your side. It's like permanent "heel" position.

The comfortable handle makes the Leashboss Traffic Handler unique. Don't be fooled by similar leashes! This handle does not flex or bend. With a soft foam exterior surrounding a solid plastic core, your hands will thank you every time you walk. Great if you have arthritis or just want to give your hands a break!

The Leashboss Traffic Handler is made with powerful dogs in mind. The leash is made of heavy duty 1 inch nylon. The clip is the biggest one we could find and will hold up over time. The handle is made of a solid plastic core with a durable foam cover.


Assembled in USA with 1" nylon webbing and solid foam core handle.


This short dog leash is used by trainers around the world to reinforce positive walking habits. Available in 12" and 18" options.

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