Bungee Leash Extension for Absorbing Shock - 18 Inches

A great choice for leash training, long leash play time, running, or walking with strong pullers. Both you and your dog will enjoy your time together more with this extender.


About this product

The bungee leash extender absorbs shock when your dog jerks or darts at the end of the leash. It quickly diffuses force to keep both you and your dog comfortable. You'll stay safe and reduce the strain on muscles and ligaments when your dog makes sudden movements, or when you must stop abruptly.

The extension clips easily between your dog’s leash and collar or harness. This product works universally with all leashes, collars, and harnesses. It extends from 18 to 24 inches when stretched to the max. Black with reflective red stitching gives a stylish look and added visibility in the dark.

This product is great for leash training, play time, running and walking with strong pullers. Picture this: You’re enjoying your walk and your dog suddenly spots a squirrel. Your furry friend tries to dart ahead to catch that critter, and you brace for impact. Your arm is painfully jerked forward. Your dog could also injure his muscles from the impact of jerking at the end of his lead. All it takes is one sudden movement, and both you and your dog can be feeling the pain. Now, you can maintain control and count on shocking absorbing support with this safety feature.


1" nylon webbing with reflective thread. Made in China.


This product is compatible with your favorite gear setup. It works great with all leashes, collars and harnesses. Designed with stiffness for medium and large breed dogs. Will not stretch for small dogs.

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