Adjustable Double Dog Leash Coupler for Walking Two Large Dogs

Tired of juggling two leashes? This heavy-durt nylon Double Dog Coupler is a two dog leash attachment that is simple to use and made to stand the test of time.

About this product

Walking two dogs can be a huge pain if you don't have the proper tools. Using two leashes to walk two dogs will leave you tangled and frustrated.
The double dog leash has two separate adjustable straps. Adjust the length of each part of the no tangle two dog leash to the perfect size for your needs and then fasten the clips to your dogs' collars or harness.

This coupler will keep your dogs together and keep you in control without the hassle of two leashes. With the Leashboss Double Dog Coupler, your days of trying to manage two leash handles are finished for good. Made in the USA, the Leashboss training leashes are of much better quality than other leash products you'll find!


Assembled in USA with heavy-duty nylon material.


This product is available in two sizes to suit your dog size and lifestyle. Choose the shorter length for smaller dogs, or to keep your dog closer together.

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