24 Inch Dog Leash with Padded Handle

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Need a short leash for a smaller dog, or because you are a taller human? Leashboss's 24 inch dog leash with padded handle offers a 1" nylon that is great for medium and smaller sized dogs.

About this product

  • ULTIMATE CONTROL - Gain full control over your dog's movements with the innovative dual-handle design of our double handled dog lead. Experience unmatched precision and confidence in every step
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - From the heavy-duty metal clasp to the durable fabric. Our training leash guarantees a secure and reliable connection to your dog's collar or harness. Experience peace of mind knowing that your dog is always safely attached to the leash
  • BUILT FOR ALL BREEDS - Suitable for all dog sizes, our leash is designed to cater to the needs of dogs of any breed. From small pups to large powerhouses, experience the same level of control and security regardless of your dog's size
  • NIGHTTIME SAFETY - Stay visible during evening walks with the reflective stitching integrated into our two handled dog leash, a dog leash heavy duty and designed for safety. Enjoy added peace of mind knowing that you and your dog can be seen by passing motorists and pedestrians
  • NO MORE LEASH BURNS - The ultra-soft padded handles of our extra strenth lead not only provide comfort but also prevent leash burns and chafing, ensuring a pleasant walking experience for both you and your dog


Assembled in USA. 1" nylon webbing with neoprene-padded handle.


This leash is a favorite for serious k9 handlers including dog trainers, service dog handlers, and veterinarians’ offices. While it can be used by all, the 24" length works best with either a shorter dog, or a taller human.

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