12 Inch Short Dog Leash with Neoprene Padded Handle

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Look no further for a short dog leash made with the highest quality and comfort for you and your dog.

About this product

Leashboss' 12-inch dog leash with padded handle offers a 1" nylon that is great for large and medium sized dogs. Comes with a heavy duty clip and a soft & comfortable padded handle made with neoprene.

These leashes are great for service dog owners, trainers, and even simple daily activities like vet visits or walking through crowded areas.

We've included extra features you'll love including comfortable hand protection and durable nylon webbing. The soft neoprene handle feels comfortable on your hand, even when a large dog is pulling. The 1” nylon webbing withstands even the strongest of pulling dogs. Stitched with high strength poly-bonded nylon thread.


Assembled in USA. 1" nylon webbing with neoprene-padded handle.


This short leash is the perfect length for service dog handlers, dog trainers, or dog walkers. The 1" nylon webbing is strong enough to hold up to large dogs and strong pullers.

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