Long Dog Leashes

long dog leash with dog
Long dog training leashes are great for recall training, exercise, camping, swimming and more. Our leashes are commonly used by dog trainers and police k9 units. Long leashes aren't only for canine professionals - they are great for when you want your dog to have a little bit more range to explore. We offer 10 foot all the way to 100 foot leashes for a variety of outdoor and training needs.Enjoy the quality of our long dog leashes which are made with nylon webbing and assembled in the USA.

Our "Free Range" line features a firm handle which protects your hands. The "Long Trainer" line includes a hook and loop storage strap to keep your long leash together for storage. We also offer 3/4" and 1" long leashes which are great for different sizes of dogs.

Please Note: These are not retractable leashes.

See our size comparison chart and long leash video for the distances between 20, 30, and 50 feet leashes.

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