Leashboss Image Use Agreement

Practical Design Solutions LLC DBA Leashboss - Image Use Agreement

We love your images and would love to share them on our website, other websites we sell on such as Amazon, our Social Media channels or elsewhere on the internet.

We want you to know and understand how we intend to use your images so you can decide if you agree with our use.

First we need to make sure you own the image and no one else has ownership rights for it. As long as you took the picture, you have the copyright over it.

What you would grant us is a non-exclusive and non-revocable commercial right to reproduce the image in any form. This would include internet posting, video, ads, display, email, publication and distribution.

We might use the image by itself, use portions of it, or use it in conjunction with other photos, sketches, cartoons, captions, and text for marketing purposes and social media.

We will try to give you credit for your photo and provide a link back to your Instagram account, but it will not always be possible to do so. You agree that it is not mandatory for us to give you credit and that your permission for us to use your photo is not dependent on us giving you credit.

If you agree to our use, you waive the right to inspect or approve any artwork or advertising copy we use your photo for.

If you decide you can’t agree with these terms, that is fine, we won’t use your photos. We love seeing any products of ours on your Instagram account and look forward to any new photos you may post.

Thanks for considering to allow us to use your images!

If you have any questions, please contact us using the link at the top of this page.