Must Dos in Puppy Training

August 30, 2023

Must Dos in Puppy Training

Brace yourselves, new puppy parents, because your adorable ball of fur has just stepped paw-first into your life, ready to fill it with boundless energy and wagging tails. As you embark on this journey of companionship and canine camaraderie, there are a few puppy training essentials that'll make sure you both start off on the right paw. 

From basic obedience commands to teaching impeccable manners, Leash Boss has your puppy parenting guide all laid out! So, grab a treat (or ten), and let's dive into the must-dos of puppy training!

Basic Obedience Commands: Laying the Groundwork

First things first, teaching your pup basic obedience commands is like giving them a secret code to understand your human ways. "Sit," "stay," "down," and "come" are the building blocks of effective communication between you and your furry sidekick.

Crate Training: Their Cozy Den

Imagine having a personal haven where you can relax and snooze in peace. That's exactly what a crate can be for your pup. Crate training helps with housebreaking and gives your little one a safe space to call their own. Remember, it's their cozy den, not a punishment chamber!

Housebreaking: The "No Mess" Quest

Ah, the adventure of housebreaking! Be ready for a few accidents, but patience is your ally here. Frequent trips outside, especially after meals and naps, combined with enthusiastic praise when they do their business in the right spot, will make your pup a housebreaking champion in no time.

Socialization: Hello, World!

Socialization is like puppy college, where they learn to interact confidently and respectfully. The socialization window for puppies is like a magical time portal that opens wide between 3 to 14 weeks of age. It's when your little furball is a sponge, soaking up experiences, sights, and sounds like a curious explorer. 

This window is the golden opportunity to introduce them to the wonders of the world – other dogs, humans, bustling streets, and quirky noises. Just like a traveler collecting souvenirs, your pup collects memories and builds confidence during this period, which sets the stage for a well-rounded and socially adept adult dog. So, get ready to embark on adventures together and create pawsitively unforgettable moments!

Positive Reinforcement and Consistency: Treats and Love Galore

Puppy training is a lot like winning a treasure hunt—use positive reinforcement (read: treats, pats, and praise) to encourage good behavior. Be consistent in your approach, so your pup knows exactly what's expected. Consistency and treats? Your pup will be begging for more lessons!

Leash Training: Walks of Bonding

Leash training is like salsa dancing—both of you need to be in sync. Introduce your pup to a leash and collar early, and practice short walks to keep them from turning into a canine tornado.

You might find that your puppy is more comfortable and better behaved using a martingale collar or a no-pull harness. A Martingale Collar provides gentle control, preventing your furry friend from slipping out while still allowing comfortable movement. On the other paw, a No-pull Harness works wonders for those excited walks, redistributing the pulling force across their body without causing discomfort. 

Bite Inhibition: Gentle Jaws

Puppy teeth are sharp, but they're just testing the waters. Bite inhibition is all about showing your pup how to use their mouth without leaving battle scars. During playtime, if they accidentally nip a bit too hard, let out a yelp – like their furry siblings would – to signal that it hurts. This helps them grasp the concept of "gentle jaws" and fine-tune their understanding of how much pressure is acceptable.

Basic Manners and Boundaries: The Canine Etiquette

Teach your pup basic manners like not jumping on guests or stealing food from countertops. Setting boundaries helps them understand their role in your pack and leads to a harmonious coexistence.

Clicker Training: Click, Treat, Repeat!

Clicker training is like a magic wand for teaching tricks. The click sound marks the desired behavior, followed by a treat. Your pup will soon associate the click with rewards, making them eager to perform like a furry superstar.

Puppy-Proofing the Environment: Hide and Seek, Pup Edition

Puppies are curious explorers, and everything's a potential chew toy. Think like a pup and puppy-proof your space by removing hazards and valuables. It's like playing a never-ending game of hide and seek!

Off-Leash Training and Recall: Freedom with Responsibility

As your pup grows, they'll want more freedom. Gradually introduce off-leash time in safe, enclosed areas, and practice recall commands like "come" to ensure they return to you promptly. Recall training is all about freedom with a sprinkle of responsibility.

Training for Proper Greetings: A Polite Pooch

Your pup's boundless enthusiasm to greet can be overwhelming. Teach them to sit calmly before receiving pets or attention. A polite pup is always the life of the paw-ty!

Remember, each pup is unique, and consistency in training is the secret to success. Celebrate the small wins, and don't hesitate to seek professional guidance if you need a helping paw. Your dedication to training will not only shape your pup into a well-mannered companion but will also strengthen the unbreakable bond between you two. Here's to wagging tails, wet noses, and many tail-wagging adventures ahead!