5 Foot Training Tie Out Cable

Our 5-foot tie out cable is the perfect alternative to putting your dog in a kennel while you remain nearby. This product allows your dog to be restricted to a small area for training or time alone while you eat or do chores.

About this product

Great for safety and management while you're training your new puppy. We recommend only using this product with positive reinforcement and it should never be used for punishment. Provide your dog or puppy with something to chew on while attached to this tie out for best results.

This-tie out makes for a great alternative to putting your dog in a crate. We don't have eyes in the back of our heads, and this tie out helps keep your puppy out of trouble while you're eating or doing dishes. Not too long, not too short. This length is ideal for allowing your dog to move around without restricting movement or giving too much leeway.

Truly chewproof, the lead is virtually indestructible. This cable will give you piece of mind that your dog will not escape.


Assembled in USA. Chewproof.


This product can be used for emergency evacuations for dog daycare and boarding facilities. For more information or to receive our bulk order form, please email us at webwholesale@leashboss.com

This product is not meant to be used for punishment or to be used unattended! Attach your dog and provide treats, a chew bone/toy, and positive reinforcement. You'll find this is a useful training aid when used as intended.

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