15 Foot 3/4 Inch Dog Leash with Padded Handle

If you're looking for a long leash for medium to large size dogs, look no further than our 15 foot, 3/4" leash. Equipped with a neoprene-padded handle, this leash give you comfort and control.

About this product

Made for comfort and control, this 15-foot leash is equipped with a soft neoprene padded handle. The neoprene helps to protect your handle if your dog pulls on the leash. The 3/4 inch nylon is perfect for owners looking for a nimble leash.

This leash comes with a D-ring so that you can clip a poop bag dispenser to it, but it can be used for other things too. You can wrap the leash around a post or fence and then attach the clip to the D-ring to make a quick tie out. Alternatively you can make a short leash by looping the leash through the dogs collar and attaching the clip to the D-ring, essentially shortening the leash in half.

This leash is great for walking, training, hiking and camping. This leash has a clip that weighs 1.8oz so is best for dogs 30+ lbs.


Assembled in USA. 3/4" nylon webbing with neoprene-padded handle.


3/4" leashes are strong enough for dogs of all sizes. We recommend this particular leash for medium sized dogs, and gentle large dogs.

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