Dual handle dog leash

"Thanks so much, Sharer Fam! Even comfier to hold than I thought. What an awesome product from a great idea. Thanks again!" Sarah, Nick & Benson (MVPC)"



"It really is an incredible product. Our dog has like five inch dwarf legs even though he's 60lbs, so he is a complete anomaly but it is JUST right haha. My husband loves it too. He was totally skeptical at first but after a walk he tossed the old leash in the shed for backup only. Thanks again!" -Erica, Quebec Canada 












"Tried out my new Leashboss Lite this weekend. It was perfect!" -Jessie, Grafton IL



Leash for a large dog

"We love the leash boss and would like to buy another!" -Andrew, UK


Two Handle Training Leash

"Received my leash today and I'm extremely happy with it. I have a 85lb pitbull who loves to pull. I did my research and this one seemed to be the best one out there. Tried it on our walk and it was great! Just wanted to say thank you!" -Jazmin Silver Springs, Maryland


Pitbull leash

 "I love this leash! Especially for a pitbull because she's super excited and obviously strong. When she pulls this leash is the best to help me keep control. The lower handle is also a must when I'm walking her in crowded areas and others are kind of scared. It keeps her close enough to me that it's not an issue." -Dana, Atlanta, GA