Leashboss Original - Heavy Duty Two Handle Dog Leash for Large Dogs

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The Leashboss Original Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs is a patented dual handle dog leash with a non-bending traffic handle 18 inches from the leash's clip and a second handle at the end of the 5-foot long pulling dog leash.



About this product

Walking your dog is supposed to be enjoyable for the both of you, but all too often, it ends up feeling like a tug of war! An ordinary training leash just doesn't provide enough control to keep a big dog who loves to pull on course when you're walking down the sidewalk or through the park. Fortunately, there is a way that you can put a stop to the struggle for good--the Leashboss Original Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs is the answer!

Both handles are amply padded to ensure your comfort and prevent leash burn when your dog starts to tug.No matter how you choose to hold it, you can count on the Leashboss Original to resist wear and tear. Our dog leash for large dogs is made out of heavy-duty nylon that can hold up to the force of vigorous pulling. Our training leash is ideal for dogs over 40 pounds, and it can be used with both traditional collars and front harnesses. Make every walk with your dog an enjoyable stroll with the pulling dog leash that puts you in control.

This product is patented.


Assembled in USA with 1" nylon webbing and solid foam covered handles.


Read about the difference between Leashboss Original and Lite and choose which is right for you and your dog.

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